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"Hello, Mr. Rivers..."

May 22nd, 2021

(Also available on all streaming platforms)

"For his third studio album, Hello Mr. Rivers 

establishes Jay no longer as an eager rap lyricist

ready to take on any sound, but as an established professional, acknoeldging his future, while struggling with his past..."

Reverb Nation Critic

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JAY RIVERS - LYRICIST is on the rise as an acclaimed and talented Hip Hop Artist. Over the years, he has amassed a following by simply staying true to himself. with 3 studio albums and 2 mixtapes,  Jay has recorded a wonderful collection of songs that are a testament to the depth and diversity of their creativity and hard work. Explore his discography below.

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Hello, Mr. Rivers...

Own It.

For Jay's third studio album, it's simply stated; he owns his shit. His success, his failures- even his struggles in relationships. All the while proclaiming and exuding effortless confidence. Hello Mr. Rivers is a lyrical piece of artwork, and will draw all kinds of emotions out of you. Listen from beginning to end!

Business Never Personal

Rap Never Looked So Good.

'Ah hahh!' Jay builds upon 30 with Business Never Personal, an album designed to pinpoint personal transitions within his life. This album signifies an acceptance in standing out, while remaining true to your own self. With hits like 'Money Dreams', 'club banger 'TIU', love song, 'Poem4U', and Part 2 the fan favorite Letter Upstate, Jay seeks to build on an already impressive discography.

30: The EP

Welcome to 30.

The debut album by Jay, 30 explores humble beginnings from Southwest Philadelphia, to achieving unprecedented success within his music and other areas of life. This album is filled will everything you desire, from the politically charged, 'Freedom', love inspired Love Unconditional, and the heart-felt 'Letter Upstate.' Feel free to listen and share your comments.

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Confidence- Offical Video

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Official Video: Jay Rivers - Confidence

Official Video: Jay Rivers - Confidence

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JAY RIVERS - Lyricist & Award-winning Writer & Published Author

Keeping Music Alive

Jay Rivers is an accomplished Hip Hop Artist based from Philadelphia, PA. Jay Rivers only a few years ago, after dreaming about writing and performing his own original music. With his smooth, laid back personality as well as his bouncy, yet catchy flow, Jay seeks to offer something different and unique to to his fans by story-telling and relating to his fan base. For more information please get in touch.

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Philadelphia, PA

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